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Aerial on a Boat?!

What's the aerial life on the retreat like?

Do you dream about flying over the water? We did, too, and we made it a reality!
You can find the schedules and workshop descriptions for THE LAST YEAR below. We adapt the workshop variety to the aerial level of our guests a little, which is why the exact workshop schedule is available a couple of weeks before the retreat only.

Please also check the Aerial section of our FAQs here and the instructors of this year here.



We chose the material that we teach in our workshops carefully so you can get the most out of this unique training situation. Since we’re teaching off a boat, spotting is difficult, and you’ll mostly have to rely on verbal instructions. Wind and wet feet or equipment can be pretty challenging - however, they are even helpful in other ways. Yu’ll be inspired by the radically new ways of dancing with your apparatus, be inspired to play with the elements and get a lot stronger through wind and waves.
You can choose two workshops upon signing up for the Aerial Cruise (included in the price). You can book additional workshops during the cruise, depending on free spots for € 25.- per class. Workshops are limited to 4 students per class. There will also be rigging points available for self-practice daily. That way, you can decide whether you prefer to train independently or work with experienced instructors. Here’s a short description of our classes.

Daring Seaquences

“If you fall, I’ll catch you” – the sea.
Have you ever wanted to try a scary drop and then decided against it because you don’t want to crash down even though you use mats? Well, guess what. The sea is kind of like a foam pit. In this class, we’ll get your adrenaline level to rise. So dive right in, pull some fantastic stunts and maybe even learn to master a trick that you wouldn’t have tried back at your studio. We’ll work on some quirky yet graceful sequences on aerial silks, learning new and innovative ways to roll and move with the wet fabric. Explore unique entrances, sur- prise exits, and pathways. If you’re ever in doubt - just let go of the silks and splash, splash - you’re taking a bath!


Salty Sling

All sailors know that sleeping in a hammock onboard a ship provides great comfort since it moves in concert with the vessel's motion. We’re going to use ours in a slightly different way, though. We’ll create a unique flow using the elements as our faithful companions and spin into Croatian sunsets.


Mermaizing Net

This workshop is perfect for mermaids at heart... Performing on an aerial apparatus with a mermaid tail is challenging, but there’s no better way to play in our aerial net! Move like the waves and explore new tricks that don’t require you to straddle your legs (fun factor guaranteed!). Thanks to the low rigging, you’ll be close to the water, which allows for a beautiful synergy of aquatic and aerial dance.


Mermaid Swimming

Be water, my friend! Rather than an aerial, this is an aquatic workshop. You’re welcome to use our mermaid tails whenever not needed in our classes, but in this workshop, we’ll show you the right fin technique that allows you to move gracefully underwater – just like a mermaid. You won’t even need your arms! It takes some time to get used to, mainly because you can’t use your feet either. We’ll also do some helpful breathing exercises before we start swimming with our mermaid and merman friends under the sea. With the help of our instructor, you’ll be racing fish in no time!

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