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Aerial Cruise Croatia

Come, fly with us above the sea, and join this unique Aerial Retreat on board a sailing yacht.

Hosted by Aerialsea & Aerial Silk Vienna

Is there a better way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the hidden bays of Croatia’s many islands while pursuing your passion for aerial arts? A journey like no other awaits you – don’t miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime trip!

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Retreat Insights

Dive into the Aerial Boatlife for a week and enjoy training above the sea. Wake up at a different spot every day. The first thing you’ll see when you step on deck in the morning is the fabrics floating above the turquoise water. What adventure are you going to have today? Use a mermaid tail to dance underwater or even in the air on the aerial net. Explore new spinning techniques using the water below you or try out a recent drop and let the silks catch you just above the surface. Relax while we sail to a new bay. Enjoy the breeze and let the wind play with your hair while you soak in the sun. Get a front-row seat for beautiful sunsets and a sky full of stars.


Let us show you the hidden treasures of the Croatian islands

and make some unforgettable memories. This cruise is anything but ordinary!

A whole week of Aerial boatlife!
  • Daily Aerial flying over the sea

  • 6 nights on board a sailing yacht

  • Wake up at a different spot every day

  • 3 instructors & 2 skippers for a maximum of 14 guests

  • Homecooked delicious veggie meals

A once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  • Enjoy dreamy sceneries & photo opportunities 

  • Picturesque bays, crystal-clear water  & cute Croatian villages 

  • Hang out with like-minded international aerialists

  • Watch out for dolphins, steer the sailing yacht, explore the  underwater life & take hikes in the villages and nature

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