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Aerial Cruise Croatia

Come, fly with us above the sea, and join this unique Aerial Retreat on board a sailing yacht.

Hosted by Aerialsea & Aerial Silk Vienna

Is there a better way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the hidden bays of Croatia’s many islands while pursuing your passion for aerial arts? A journey like no other awaits you – don’t miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime trip and raise your aerial life to a next level!

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Bookings for 2024 are open!

Retreat Highlights

A whole week of Aerial boatlife!
  • 20+ hours of Aerial training over the sea

  • 7 days on board a sailing yacht

  • Wake up at a different spot every day

  • 3 instructors & 2 skippers for a maximum of 14 guests

  • Homecooked delicious veggie meals

A once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  • Enjoy dreamy sceneries & photo opportunities 

  • Picturesque bays, crystal-clear water  & cute Croatian villages 

  • Hang out with like-minded international aerialists

  • Watch out for dolphins, explore the bay with the SUP, steer the sailing yacht, mermaid around and enjoy the underwater life, take hikes in the villages and nature, ...


Retreat Dates & Facts


Croatia, Sukosan Area

Distance to Airports:
Split ~123km (1h 20min drive);
Zadar ~10m (12min drive);
Zagreb ~285km (2h 40min drive)



17.-24.08.2024 (Waitlist only)
Meeting point is at 7pm on arrival day. We will return to the starting point on Friday evening, and everyone goes off board at 07:00 on departure day.


Aerialists of all levels are welcome!
Prerequisites: Being comfortable with
 climbs and able to spend a few minutes up in the air.


  • 7 days on board the sailing yacht (cabins with double beds)

  • All food on board: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner* (*We eat out in a restaurant 4 times which is not included), Filled self-service fridge 24h with snacks and fruits

  • All drinks on board: water, orange juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea

  • 25 hours of open Training above the sea - every day (except arrival- and departure day)

  • Aerial workshops daily, 2 workshops included; additional workshops for 25.- per class

  • All side activities: SUP, mermaiding, snorkeling daily, sailing, dolphin watching, hiking depending on weather

  • All aerial and rigging equipment (silks, hammock, net), plus mermaid tails.

  • All fees (harbor dues, docking fees, permits, tourist tax, etc.)

  • Two skippers and two aerial instructors will be on board to keep you safe and comfortable at all times

  • Aerial Cruise Croatia welcome pack


  • Travel costs to/from the marina

  • Travel insurance (obligatory)

  • All expenses ashore

Sig up now

DATES 2024

24.-31. August 2024
17.-24. August 2024 (Waiting List Only)

1850€ Regular Price

1650€ Early Bird until 15.12.2024

- 150€ Bring A Friend Discount

Aerial on a Boat?!

What's the aerial life on the retreat like?

Do you dream about flying over the water? We did, too, and we made it a reality!
You can find the schedules and workshop descriptions for THE LAST YEAR below. We adapt the workshop variety to the aerial level of our guests a little, which is why the exact workshop schedule is available a couple of weeks before the retreat only.

Please also check the Aerial section of our FAQs here and the instructors of this year here.



We choose the content for our workshops carefully and according to the level of the group, so that everyone can get the best out of the unique teaching situations. In small groups of 4 people, workshops will be taught off the boat over the sea. Your instructor will rely on verbal and visual cues, as hands-on spotting is not possible. Wind and water can make the training environment challenging, however, it also forces you to find new ways of moving and dancing with the elements. This unique learning and training experience will inspire you for new movements and open up various possibilities for your aerial practice. 


All workshops will be adapted for the student's skill levels. Different groups may be taught different content based on skill level. We are not (!) taking total beginners on board with us. A basic knowledge of Aerial Silks and/or Aerial Sling/Hammock and basic aerial strength is necessary to have fun in this unique setting.

You can choose two workshops upon signing up for the Aerial Cruise (included in the price). You can book additional workshops during the cruise, depending on free spots for € 25.- per class. Workshops are limited to 4 students per class. There will also be rigging points available for self-practice daily. That way, you can decide whether you prefer to train independently or work with experienced instructors. Here’s a short description of our classes.

Wavy Flows

We’ll work on some quirky yet graceful sequences on aerial silks, learning new and innovative ways to roll, twirl, spiral up and drop down on wet fabric and dance with the elements. Explore unique entrances, surprising exits, and pathways. If you’re ever in doubt - just let go of the silks – the sea will be there to catch you!


Salty Sling

Sleeping in a hammock on board like a pirate is not your vibe? No worries, in this workshop we will set it up a bit differently! Enjoy the flowy characteristics of the aerial sling, use the sea to get some spin and find your very own interpretation of salty seaquences on sling. Splashes and fun movements are guaranteed in this salty workshop! 


Mermaizing Net

This workshop is perfect for all mermaids at heart! Swapping your feet for a mermaid tail and dancing above the sea in fancy scales is the best way to explore the aerial net. Move like the sea and explore fun movements that don't require you to straddle your legs. Thanks to the low rigging, aquatic and aerial dance will merge, leaving you with a completely new movement quality. 


Mermaid Swimming

Explore the sea! In this aquatic workshop, you switch the aerial apparatus for mermaid tails and explore the underwater world! With the right fin- and breathing-techniques, you can move gracefully through the water like a mermaid, not even needing your arms to move forward. Join our merfolk-friends in the depth of the ocean and race with the fish in this mermaiding workshop.

What to expect / FAQ

How's the aerial boatlife like?

The Aerial Cruise is perfect for people who – like ourselves – miss their aerial apparatus when they’re on vacation and for those who dream of rigging above the sea. There will be open training sessions and workshops every day, and you’ll have plenty of time to relax as well. We want it to be a perfect mix of action and relaxation.

Dive into the Aerial Boatlife for a week and enjoy training above the sea. Wake up at a different spot every day. The first thing you’ll see when you step on deck in the morning is the fabrics floating above the turquoise water. What adventure are you going to have today? Use a mermaid tail to dance underwater or even in the air on the aerial net. Explore new spinning techniques using the water below you or try out a recent drop and let the silks catch you just above the surface. Relax while we sail to a new bay. Enjoy the breeze and let the wind play with your hair while you soak in the sun. Get a front-row seat for beautiful sunsets and a sky full of stars.


Let us show you the hidden treasures of the Croatian islands

and make some unforgettable memories. This cruise is anything but ordinary!

Aerial FAQ
Boatlife FAQ
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